Serious props to Cleveland Plain-Dealer scribe Chris Haynes and his editor for this morning’s headline, “Though concerned, Dallas Mavericks determined not to let Ebola alter their lives”, which runs atop a item that warns the visiting Dallas Mavericks, “are right at the center of the epidemic.” Well, yeah, they’re at Quicken Loans Arena tonight.

“Obviously everyone was a little nervous and a little scared in Dallas, but it’s one of those things that you can’t really control,” Chandler Parsons told Northeast Ohio Media Group after the team’s shootaround in preparation for the Cavaliers on Friday night.

“It’s crazy. You just have to hope that everyone stays safe and they can help the people with it.”

Before I could ask a follow-up question, Parsons asked, “Isn’t there one Ebola case here in Cleveland now?”

Despite the national uproar Ebola has caused, members of the Mavericks are not going to let it affect how they go about their everyday regimen.

“Nah, not really,” Mavericks’ forward Dirk Nowitzki said to Northeast Ohio Media Group. “We as a city have to trust the health system and the hospitals. You just can’t live your life in fear all the time. Obviously, I wouldn’t be where there are 2,000 people, but I wouldn’t do that anyways. It hasn’t done anything to me yet.”