Even Rick Majerus thinks this is flaky behavior.

The Globe’s Mark Blaudschun claims the Celtics are going to make a run at Eddie Munster Billy Donovan. If it happens, I can’t wait for the first postgame interview where the new coach patiently explains that Antoine Walker isn’t coming thru the door.

While damning the Knicks’ recently extended coach/president with faint praise (“I’ll give Thomas this much, though: His Knicks were mathematically alive at the start of baseball season,”) the New York Post’s Peter Vescey is less than impressed with Phil Jackson and Roy Williams’ pending inductions into the Basketball Hall of Fame.

There’s surely something smelly about the selection process when five coaches – one WNBA, two international (politics runneth over) – a whistle blower and the 1966 NCAA champion Texas Western team get inducted and not a single eligible individual player.

Not Chris Mullin. Not Adrian Dantley. Not Richie Guerin. And not Dennis Johnson, who wasn’t so much as nominated by assorted committees whose identities (hollowed by thy names) are harder to uncover than New York’s five-family Mafia tree.

Consequently, there’s never any public accountability for formulating one loopy list after another, explaining its logic, or rationale behind choosing Roy Williams, Van Chancellor, Mendy Rudolph, Fedro Ferrandiz and Mikro Novosel over the above-mentioned NBA players.

Evidently, in the minds of the nameless, Dr. James Naismith’s game “was meant to be coached and refereed, not played.”

If I’m Mullin, Dantley, Guerin, D.J., Bernard King, Mel Daniels, Artis Gilmore and many others worthy of enshrinement, only Pete Rose’s induction into Springfield might be more insulting.