I’m sure there are bigger, sexier stories this Thursday night. Perhaps the rebranding of the New York/New Jersey Metrostars as The New York Vomit Inducing Beverage, to name one. But there is nothing in the news today that has brought nearly as much excitement to the CSTB household as the launch of Siltbreeze Records’ longawaited website.

The Philly label, responsible for early recordings by Harry Pussy, A-Band, the Dead C., New York’s Hall of Fame, Vertical Slit, the Shadow Ring and The Strapping Fieldhands amongst otherwise, was unquestionably one of the most daring and consistently entertaining of the 1990’s. Brought back to life in ’05 with the tremendous ‘Dig Yourself’ CD/LP from Times New Viking, to say that Siltbreeze offers hope for society would be like saying Jimmy and Henry Rollins have the same last name. ie., both statements are very, very true.