Persons familiar with the more avant side of Austin nightlife are already well aware the Dikes Of Holland are America’s Finest Band (Without Any Music Available Via MySpace).  The Palin Brothers —- Trig (guitar), Track (guitar) and Traps (drums) are making just their second local appearance after wearing out their welcome during a succession of Alaskan all-ages shows.  The Brothers may or may not include members of the Air Traffic Controllers and The Black — much like the disappearance of Eddie Wilson, this is one of rock’s great mysteries.

Who amongst us hasn’t seen The Shitty Beach Boys and wondered out loud, “wouldn’t it be nice if they just did their own songs?”  That few of you, huh?   I’m very confident, however, that on Saturday evening, the Stuffies will do their part to dispell the myth that the suicide rate skyrockets during the Christmas season.  Not with charts or statistics, mind you, but through the gift of song.