According to the LA Daily Times’ Mike DiGiovanna, The Angels are amongst those eager to gain the services of Orioles 3B Miguel Tejada, while the Baltimore Sun’s Dan Connolly cites no fewer than 4 other clubs in on the bidding.

Baseball Prospectus’ Will Carroll
gamely attempts to shift through the clutter :

The Astros and Angels have made their final offers on Miguel Tejada. The Orioles now have to decide if it’s enough to give up their star shortstop. The Astros have a backup plan in Julio Lugo, but need to act quickly because Toronto is also in on the Devil Rays shortstop. Tejada is more likely to move if the O’s are willing to absorb a bit of salary in return for him. One other team took a look at Tejada and decided to pass. “There’s some questions there. The Palmeiro thing and he’s checked out on the O’s. I don’t know if going to a contender changes him if it’s not the right manager,” I was told.

Aside from Lugo, could the Rays trade some of their disgruntled minor league studs? The organization seems to be at the end of their rope with B.J. Upton, Delmon Young and Elijah Dukes. Young won’t be traded–the Albert Belle comparisons are ringing more true, but remember Belle’s bat. Upton likely won’t be moved either, but Dukes could be sent out despite not getting value back just to send a message to the more talented pair.

Everyone’s still watching the Red Sox, an organization that’s plugged most of their former leaks. Whispers of Coco Crisp and Mark Loretta being shopped are coming from other organizations. The chattering masses (myself included) are trying to connect the dots here without much luck so far. Some of this–but not all–is smart use of misdirection. We’ll know soon, I’m told. One of my best sources says the first of the Red Sox deals will happen this afternoon