Dear Friends,

as some of you might be aware, the past several weeks have been a difficult time for me. A very special part of my life —- a cherished fixture in my daily existence for the past decade —- is no longer with me.

I’m speaking of course, about my copy of The Cult’s ‘Electric’.

When I learned my copy of this click-tracked masterwork was damaged beyond repair, it was a harsh moment of reckoning. Some of you had warned me previously, but be it wishful thinking, romantic delusion or just pure lust for the guitar playing of Billy Duffy (or whoever was hired to play his parts), I’d hear none of it.

Several sundays ago, however, as I gazed at the shattered shards of disc plastic that lay across my living room, I could no longer deny the truth. The Cult’s ‘Electric’ and I would no longer be together.

I realize that some of you have tried to help as best you can, but this is the sort of thing I’ll only be able to get through on my own. Suggestions that “there’s plenty of other Rick Rubin productions that totally ape ‘Back In Black’ in the sea” aren’t going to make me feel any better. Urging me to “upgrade to a younger model” (sorry, I’ve heard the Four Horsemen album and it just isn’t very good) are juvenille at best, mean-spirited at worse.

I’ll be ok. Even if “Love Removal Machine” is now just a distant memory, I shall somehow manage to face the oncoming day and bring you the finest sports / modern life analysis you could only get by forgetting to visit other sites.

thanks, and G-d bless you all.

Gerard Cosloy