Knicks 104, Heat 80 (9:11 remaining, 4th quarter)

It sort of figures that just a few days after being blown out in Miami, the Heat have the competitive advantage of starting Shaq against Jerome James (above right, getting his first start of the year in Eddy Curry’s absence)…and it’s the Knicks who are enjoying a rare laugher. Jamal Crawford is having a career night (46 points, 8 three’s), Stephon Marbury had 10 assists in the first half, David Lee has already collected yet another double-double off the bench…and Double J? He’s outrebounded the Diesel, weirdly enough.

After Wednesday’s unpleasantness (and the resulting publicity barrage) Austin’s Toros have put together a makeshift cell/cage for rogue mascot Da Bull in the lobby of the Austin Convention Center. Perhaps inspired by their colleague’s incarceration, the Toros have a commanding 47-30 halftime lead over Arkansas. Former B.C. standout Troy Bell has 8 points thus far for the hosts, continuing his strong play since being acquired after Jay Williams’ departure. Arkansas F Roger Powell, who had a cup of coffee with Utah earlier this season, has 10 points at the break.

“Free Da Bull” t-shirts are $10. I don’t think they’ve had any takers thus far. Perhaps they should’ve passed the hat for his defense fund.

Besides Dennis Johnson and his players, I doubt many persons are keeping track, but the likely win over the RimRockers would improve the Toros’ mark to 9-16. Considering they started the season 0-12, that’s an impressive, if unexpected achievement.

I don’t mean to interject myself into the story any more than usual, but I think it’s really unfair the dudes on press row are all playing World Of Warcraft while I’m up here in row 20 something trying to my best for you, the information starved public.

Good news for bored Mike Dunleavy Jr. stalkers. Finally, somebody found a pic of Mr. His Aim Isn’t True swilling something besides wine.