How historic is Tuesday’s Presidential inauguration of Barack Obama? Well, the occasion is so momentous, one NBA baller plans to attend Obama’s swearing-in ceremonies even if he has to bail on practice.  And it’s not Allen Iverson! From the Delaware County Times’ Caryl Kauffman :

Sixers G Andre Miller (above) who didn™t vote in the November election, is off to Washington, D.C., to see President-elect Barack Obama sworn in as the first black president of the United States. The tickets came through a contact at the University of Utah. He plans to make a full day of it, too, from the swearing in, to the celebrations.

œI think I™m supposed to be going to a Hillary Clinton function, like a night function, like a formal dinner or something, Miller said. œI™m not sure yet. I™ll find out more.

Miller said he has followed politics for a long time, even if he doesn™t actively participate. But he finds this occasion truly special.

œI don™t know, he said of not voting. œI had a lot of people calling me because of that, a lot of friends got on me, old teachers.

After identifying himself as conservative, Miller said he keeps his political opinions to himself. He did say, though, that this isn™t the first political event he™s attended.

In college, he got to know Utah Senator Orrin Hatch.

œHe™s a good guy, Miller said. œHe offered me a job when I was in college. He used to always be around (the college).