Anna Benson, the ever quotable, if not photogenic wife of Mets pitcher Kris Benson, insists she’s been misquoted by the Daily News’ Adam Rubin, writes Flilip Bondy.

Adam Rubin had called up the couple in Atlanta to find out whether Kris Benson was shaken by Minaya’s trade talks with Kansas City, Baltimore and Texas. Rubin also told Anna Benson what he’d heard from a reliable source, that Met ownership wasn’t pleased with her plans to pose for Playboy.

Rubin showed amazing restraint in that story. He warned Anna Benson, several times, that she probably shouldn’t say some things, but she persisted. She told him to write everything.

“All of it is truth,” she said then.

She grumped that Omar Minaya planned to create “an all-Latin team.” She said that the Bensons were giving a million dollars (from his $22.5 million-plus contract) to New York because of 9/11. She said if Kris were traded, the Bensons should get their money back.

She also attacked Carlos Delgado, which Rubin reported.

Yesterday, Anna and the Mets were making nice to each other again, and this story in The News was all supposed to be nonsense.

“The first rule of journalism is: ‘Don’t believe what you read in the papers,'” Anna Benson said, complaining that “quotes have been twisted around.”

Anna should take a tip from Harris Bloom — the next time this happens, claim you were just kidding around.