Could MSG have a curious plan to replace Sean Avery’s star-power? Last week, Rotoworld suggested the Grizzlies might be willing to absorb Zach Randolph’s contract if the Knicks were to accept Darko Milicic in return. The Sport Count‘s James is less than thrilled at the prospect of the Knicks suiting up a member of the 2004 NBA Champions.

My issue with this trade is dignity. It™s a very simple rule: if you™re already being criticised for your bad decisions and poor management, don™t trade for the single worst decision in NBA Draft History (although Michael Olowakandi might have something to say about that). I™d rather sign Robert ˜Tractor™ Traylor. I™d honestly rather do business with whichever European team owns the rights to Qyntel Woods than subject my fans to the affront of having to watch Darko Milicic in my team™s colours.

The Warriors are said to be curious about the exact cause of Monte Ellis’ ankle injury. I can only hope Chris Mullin doesn’t try to void Ellis’ contract when we learn that yet again, a world-class athlete has hurt himself washing Jeff Kent’s trick.