“This has a chance to be the final soundtrack at Shea: jeers, curses and various expressions of anguish as Mets runners on third never score” scoffed the NY Post’s Joel Sherman after Friday’s dispiriting 6-1 loss to Florida.  Some 14 hours later, the Schizo Mets remain alive for at least one more day after Johan Santana made Shea’s penultimate game one of the most memorable in franchise history.  Pitching on three days rest after throwing 125 pitches against Chicago on Tuesday, Santana’s 3 hit shutout of the Marlins earlier today was the sort of heroic performance even the most delusional Mets fans wouldn’t have dared imagine. The talismanic Venezulean starter — who might cost Tim Lincecum and Brandon Webb a few first place Cy Young Votes — whiffed 10 and walked just 3 in an electrifying outing that will hopefully inspire some greater concentration on the part of Oliver Perez  tomorrow afternoon.  And at the risk of sounding terribly morbid, short of rendering Shea’s closing day meaningless, what could be more distasteful (or appropriate) than having the entire season riding on the back of the enigmatic Ollie?

As of this writing, Ted Lilly hasn’t allowed a baserunner in Milwaukee, with the Cubs leading the Brewers, 4-0 after 5 1/2.  Supposedly, Carlos Zambrano will start for Chicago tomorrow, and keep in mind he’s got a hitless innings streak of his own happening at Miller Park.