Or more to the point, a 300 pound vegetarian who’s hit 84 home runs the last two seasons?  The New York Post’s George A. King III and Bart Hubbach claim the Brewers are looking to move 1B Prince Fielder :

“They have put it out there they are will talk about him but it has to be a substantial package,” an industry source said.

The Yankees need a first baseman but aren’t likely to chase after Fielder for two reasons: He is a below average defender and they are going to need first base for Derek Jerek when he re-signs following the 2010 season.

Since the Brewers are expected to lose pitchers CC Sabathia and Ben Sheets via free agency, they would have to get young pitchers already in the big leagues or on the verge of getting there.

Behind The Green Pillars lines up squarely on the side of Milwaukee waving bye bye to CC, noting the Brewers are at a competitive disadvantage given their crummy local TV deal.

Without a big fat cushion of guaranteed TV money to fall back on, the team has to draw fans to the seats to sustain payroll. What’s more, the fact that they play in a small market means that even when they are drawing fans, they cannot squeeze as much revenue out of the fans as their competitors. The fact that they had the 21st most expensive ticket prices in 2008 (and 28th most expensive overall park experience) is great news for fans trying to take a family to the park, but limits the amount of money the team can raise.One thing about attendance is that fans are fickle when it comes to supporting their team. People who are interested enough to be reading this will probably get out to the park much more than most of their neighbors anyway. We all know, however, that when a team is doing well, a lot of people who wouldn’t be there otherwise start showing up. Those people go away when the wins start going away.

So what does this mean for the Brewers? In short, it means they would not be able to afford any bad luck what-so-ever without feeling a major budget crunch should they decide to give CC that money. As talked about in part I, signing CC would mean that the Brewers would have a lot less room to do other things. They would have to cut the budget significantly in areas like the bullpen and the bench to make ends meet, which means a lot of “ready or not” guys from the middle levels of the farm system filling in key roles because there wouldn’t be money to pay much more than major league minimum. Basically, they would have to get a big number of wins over replacement (different than the traditional “win-loss” record for pitchers) from CC Sabathia because they’re going to have a hard time finding money to buy them elsewhere.