More details have emerged from Fayetteville, GA throughout Tuesday regarding the apparent suicide of Chris Benoit and double murder of his wife and son. As such, the WWE — who spent all 3 hours of Monday’s RAW paying tribute to Benoit — are in full damage control mode, both distancing themselves from the Canadian grappler, and trying to point the traditional media somewhere other than the inevitable steroid questions.

Said efforts were dealt a blow this evening with the following report from the Associated Press :

A professional wrestler who killed himself and his family was a former customer of a company implicated in an upstate New York investigation of illegal steroid sales.

That’s according to the Albany County District Attorney’s Office, which is conducting the investigation here.

In Albany, the DA’s office confirms the 40-year-old Benoit was a customer as recently as last year of the south Florida company MedXLife.

2 of its co-owners pleaded guilty to drug charges in Albany County in April, admitting they helped get prescriptions drugs in 2006 for customers in upstate New York who had no medical need for them. The pair testified Signature Pharmacy of Orlando filled the orders.

Signature Pharmacy is the same firm that was raided earlier this year and is accused of suppling PED’s to a list of professional athletes not limited to the Angels’ Gary Matthews Jr. and boxer Evander Holyfield.