… I forgot about Steve Rosenbloom’s “Rosenblog.” Hire Jim Essian does an excellent job of showing point by point what happens when you let a “real journalist” blog without Trib fact checkers and rewrite editors all over him or at least someone to say “walk it off, then try to write.” If Rosenbloom’s point is that the Cubs are merely the owner of two solid months of baseball, he’s right. That is, if that was his point. While tempering October hype is a good thing, blaming everything from curses to amphetamines for inflating the Cubs’ record is bullshit. As Rosenbloom writes:

I know it sounds impressive to say that the Cubs swept an entire homestand, including four against the defending National League champions, but the Colorado Rockies are the worst team in baseball right now and the Dodgers are under .500 as well. The way I understand it, the NL West is voting to see if it should forfeit the rest of the season.

And if last week’s sweep of the jayvees wasn’t enough, now a Cubs team that isn’t real good on the road gets a Club Med trip to San Diego and Los Angeles.

The Cubs are on a record pace at Wrigley, but no one knows why. Betcha it’s because visitors can’t use amphetamines to get up for day games”and even night games”after enjoying Chicago’s night life.

As HJE’s Bad Kermit replies:

There™s only one thing frustrating about having the Cubs emerge as one of the dominant forces in baseball. More success means more interest. More interest means more coverage. More coverage means more Steve Rosenbloom. At one point in our lives, we all had as much baseball knowledge as Steve Rosenbloom. At that point, I had Transformers sheets. You were probably watching The Smurfs and driving a Big Wheel. Fortunately, I was able to translate Rosenbloom™s latest crap from Douche to English.