The Akron Beacon Journal’s Brian Windhorst on the giddy scenes after the Cavs beat Indy, 105-94 last night, clinching a playoff spot for the former  :

Sasha Pavlovic was trying to sing a Young Jeezy song.  First, Sasha can’t rap, at least not in English.  Second, he was apparently messing it all up.  So Donyell Marshall and David Wesley were trying to explain to him the lyric was “Go Getta” as in “he’s a go-getter” not “he’s a go get her” as Sasha as saying.  He wasn’t getting it, but it was damn funny watching the two of them attempting to explain what a “go-getter” is in comparison to what he thought “go get her” meant.  (Note: this was modified once I was clued in to who Young Jeezy was)

Windhorst has nothing to apologize for. I’m impressed that 110 year old Donyell Marshall knows who Young Jeezy is.

Asked by an unidentified questioner to “put in perspective” the T-Wolves blowing a 25 point lead at home to the lowly Sonics, Kevin Garnett replied, “No I can’t. That’s fucked up. That’s fucked up.”  Amen.  (link courtesy I Heart KG)

You Give Live In Utah’s Amanda says she’ll be at Minnesota’s tilt with Dallas tonight, but not before paying homage to rare transcendent moment from Austin Croshere against New Orleans last night.

I like it when the Mavs margin of victory is larger than the number of years I have been alive. Is it weird that the most thrilling moment of the whole game was the ally oop dunk Croshere pulled off early in the 4th quarter? I know part of the impetus for me starting this blog was to mourn the loss of Keith Van Horn and for a while I thought Van Horn’s skill-less spirit would live on in the form of Austin Croshere. But he’s really improving and growing on me.

Once again, Dave D’Alessandro’s Agony Aunt column in the Newark Star Ledger fails to disappoint.

Hi, Dave: I think Mr. Thorn had second thoughts about not taking Walter Hermann when he had the chance — he looked pretty good against the NJ boys. I’m feeling pretty low about the season and what has transpired. Any encouraging words?

Mo: Do you mean Walter Hermann Bucher, the paleontologist known for his study of cryptovolcanics? Or Walter Hermann Nernst, the Nobel Prize winner for his work in thermochemistry? Because I really doubt they regret that they couldn’t get Walter Herrmann, the one-dimensional forward who probably couldn’t make half the teams in the league. I don’t want to knock the kid, because he’s overcome a lot of tragedy in his life (he’s the kid who lost his mom, sister, and girlfriend in a car accident back in ’03) to have a very nice career for Argentina. But I would be very surprised if he is better than, say, Nachbar. And as of Saturday night, I think he had something like 11 assists and 50 boards in 500 minutes. And when they made the McInnis deal, the Bobs let it be known in no uncertain terms that Herrmann wasn’t available. . . .As for encouraging words: You know what’s occurred to me these last few mailbags? Other than Prof. Turner, who probably has better alcohol than the rest of us, all the letters have come saturated in melancholia, and every reply makes me sound like a surly nag. So let’s get back to the way it is: They will probably get the seventh seed, they will probably match up with Cleveland, and nobody defends LeBron better than Jefferson, which means it could be a very competitive series. You know, if the ja-drools ever get there.