Newsday’s Dave Freelander has the unfortunate task of sharing a story that takes a bit of the shine off Mike Pelfrey and Fernando Tatis’ exceptional Tuesday night against San Diego ; the Mets have confirmed their plans to charge an astronomical sum for Shea Stadium’s seats, with 16,000 of ’em up for grabs starting August 25.

“Citi Field will serve as a fantastic new home for the Mets for decades to come, but fans will always remember Shea Stadium and its magical moments – from the Amazin’s World Series triumph in 1969 to Game 6 in ’86 to, hopefully, a long, sweet October in 2008,” said Mayor Michael Bloomberg in a statement. “The seat sale and subsequent memorabilia sale will provide fans a chance to own a part of that Shea stadium lore.”

But these ain’t the cheap seats. The city is selling the seats by the pair — with an armrest between — for $869, two to three times what experts predicted they would go for.

The seats are priced to remind fans of the Mets championship years of 1986 and 1969
, according to a Mets spokesman.

Because they are priced so high, and so many will be available, sports memorabilia expert Pete Williams said it was unlikely they would appreciate much in value.

If you think that’s a ripoff, I’ve been told by a Mets insider the old sign announcing “THIS SPACE RESERVED FOR DOUG SISK” will be offered for $70.00 — priced to remind fans that Sisk rarely threw a ball faster than 70 miles per hour.