Despite the removal of a November ballot measure to determine whether or not San Jose taxpayers would like to foot the bill for a new ballpark for the Oakland Athletics, if you believe the A’s relocation from the East Bay is a matter of “when” rather than “if”, why not have ’em set up shop in Philadelphia again? That’s the question posed (sort of) by Bring Your A’s Game, a self-described “quixotic campaign” helmed by J.T. Ramsey, perhaps the only person in Philly not thoroughly consumed with the acquisition of Roy Oswalt or debut of Dominic Brown.

(Connie Mack, a collector stuff most folks ignore)

These efforts had me thinking ; if a team receives lukewarm fan support — despite impressive achievements between the lines — is there really something totally fucked up about proposing they relocate to a sports mad northeastern city that routinely sells out it’s boutique ballpark?   But enough about moving the Braves back to Boston, this A’s business could be a real windfall. Especially if you’re Peter Angelos looking to sell more tickets to visiting fans.