With the possible exception of a No Trend reunion gig (or Michael Jordan buying a piece of the franchise), here’s the worst possible news that could greet DC hoops fans on the eve of thanks-for-nothing day. From the Washington Post’s Ivan Carter and Michael Lee :

Wizards guard Gilbert Arenas underwent surgery today to repair a torn meniscus in his left knee. Arenas originally tore the meniscus in the knee last April 3 and had surgery a few days later. The re-injury happened during Friday night’s game at Minnesota but Arenas does not remember if it took place on a specfic play. “Everything just started hurting after the game,” Arenas said. “The pain came out of nowhere.”

Arenas, who has missed the last two games, underwent an MRI in Washington today. He said he won’t be able to do any basketball related activity for at least three weeks and could be cleared to return to practice in three months.

In other Wizards news, Andray Blatche narrow missed becoming the subject of Bidding War Alert Pt. XXIII thanks to Gilbert’s injury being the hot story of the afternoon (video link swiped from DC Sports Bog)