The Seattle Post-Intelligencer’s Art Thiel on the unprecedented way the Sonics’ Reggie Evans found himself indisposed the other night.

My least favorite sports drug-test story was Tuesday at the Sonics-Knicks game.

Inexplicably, the unusable young center, Robert Swift, found himself starting the second half following his season debut in the last couple of minutes of the first half, in which he did nothing to counter coach Bob Weiss’ dread of putting him into an NBA game.

The bizarre decision was a minimal factor in the 104-101 loss to the Knicks, except for lending credence to the critics’ notion that Weiss must be mad.

Turns out that he deserved to be angry. Unknown to all at the time, the scheduled starter, Reggie Evans (above), was in a small room in KeyArena complying with the new rules of the NBA’s drug-testing policy.

In the middle of the game, he was peeing into a bottle while Swift was getting dunked on by Jerome James.

Can you imagine seeing Witt interrupted in the middle of a triple-toe loop, her music unplugged and being told, “Follow me, miss, behind this screen”? And, “This Bud’s for you.”

Embarrassed, the NBA Wednesday issued a statement saying the policy will be amended to preclude testing during the game.

That was a relief to those of us who figured the next attempt to collect from The Collector would be in mid-rebound, pulling down his shorts with one hand and shoving a Buckhorn six-pack at him with the other.

Make no mistake: I’m all for getting drugs out of sports. I’m all for clean bathrooms at home too, but I try not to scrub the toilet while guests are using it.