Edmonton Sun columnist Terry Jones dusts off some of the world’s oldest jokes to illlustrate his city’s recent string of lousy sports performances.

The Oilers sit 26th in a 30 team league after finishing 25th the year before.

Put that in the trophy case with those five Stanley Cups. Run a banner up with that for that embarrassing one hanging up there boasting 100 straight sellouts. More appropriate would be a banner like the one San Diego Charger fans produced during a dismal season a while back which read “We’re No. 26.” Maybe somebody still has it and Edmonton could borrow it.

It’s like the kid from the Maritimes I heard about the other day. Asked by his teacher in a classroom geography discussion if he knew where Edmonton is located, the kid replied “Last in the Northwest Division.”

The Edmonton Rush, a team that went into business with a 1-15 record (.063) two years ago, were 6-10 (.375) last year and started this season with a repulsive 0-6 (.000) record. Going into last night’s game in Portland they were 7-31 (.184) for their time in town. Obviously, they’re just trying to fit in around here.

I doubt if there’s any truth to the story of another kid in class who, when asked what his dad did for a living, is said to have told the teacher he was a male stripper rather than admit that his dad played for the Rush.

For the record, Edmonton’s lacrosse team (hey, are they named after the band?) earned a big road win against the Portland Lumberjax on Saturday.

Meanwhile, over at Covered in Oil, they’re just hoping that the team finishes well enough to screw up things for Brian Burke (above), as the Mighty Ducks have Edmonton’s first, second and third round picks instead of Dustin Penner. Question is, will Burke still be Anaheim’s GM?