SBC’s merger with AT&T means the Giants’ ballpark, originally named Pac Bell, is likely to undergo its third name change in 6 years. Say it ain’t so, writes The San Jose Mercury News’ John Ryan.

Oh, the memories of the halcyon days of our youth, those many months at SBC Park, where you could get a hot dog for 120 nickels, the beer was warm, and a sliver the left-field line was visible from inside the Coke bottle slide. First Ebbets Field goes, and now the heart-wrenching end of this tradition.

What we’re really waiting for is Jon Miller’s reaction. When the name switched over this year, Miller used it sparingly on the broadcasts. In May he told the Mercury News’ Daniel Brown, ”I want to reflect the way people think of the ballpark. I don’t want to sound like some mindless zombie, some automaton, who got reprogrammed to say SBC Park. For me and for the fans and for my son, it’s still Pac Bell.”