“Andrew McCarthy clone headed to Austin” announces reader Eric Roehrig, though the star of the “Weekend At Bernie’s” films has seen more career success of late than former Dookie starlet Quinn Snyder.

Deposed as Missouri head coach in 2006, Synder will assume the reigns of the NBDL’s Austin Toros, a franchise of some 2 years’ vintage that has yet to make the D-League playoffs.

Despite showcasing a number of players with NBA experience —- former no. 5 overall pick Marcus Fizer most prominently — the Toros are best known nationwide for being the club that sent former Celtics guard Dennis Johnson to an early grave.

The good news for Quinn is that no one will complain if he chooses to purchase meals or clothing for his players. The bad news is that he probably can’t afford to do so on an NBDL salary, but I’m pretty sure the sports bar across the street from the Convention Center offers a discount to Toros employees.