“Basic Instict 2” won the Razzies for Worst Film and Sharon Stone was recognized as Worst Actress yesterday. From the AP :

Razzies founder John Wilson said that while Stone (above) still looked good in her late 40s, the movie had no other reason to exist.

“Yes, she still has some excuse to drop her robe, but the dialogue, the story, the overall attitude of the character is cartoon-like,” Wilson said. “You have to sort of wonder, is she vamping the movie or does she think she’s giving a serious performance? Is she the lone person on the project who got the joke?”

No other reason to exist? Excuse me, Mr. Film Snob, but I will maintain (once again) that Sharon Stone is far too easy a target, but shouldn’t “B.I. 2” (as us hardcore fans like to call it) receive some credit for launching the cinematic career of noted dogging enthusiast / Ulrika-beater Stan Collymore?