Phillies 5, Mets 4

Much as I was enjoying the early duel (of sorts) between the Mets’ resident green thumb ace and Philadelphia’s Brett Myers, a more than eventful 9th inning for both clubs’ relievers brought the following thoughts to mind :

a) Tom Gordon is going to drive a lot of people crazy in Philly.
b) When Paul Lo Duca calls for the ball, let him have it.
c) surely the hometown fans can embrace Bobby Abreu after his clutch, uh, 15 foot dribbler between the mound and home plate.
d) those Bunnydrums records really haven’t aged that well.

Fortunately, there were others a little more worked up about last night’s result :

It wasnt obvious that Heilman was shaky until after the Utley BB (He did have 2 strikes on Rollins before plunking him) so it looked like Randolph just had to hang with him and the winning run came in off an errant throw rather than a bad pitch. Eddings strike zone was ridiculously wide, a few Phillies batters went down looking to outside pitches, but the Matsui third-strike was the most egregious. Very exciting game, and after 40+ years, there is finally a serious rivalry developing between the two teams located closest together within the same division/league. I just cant believe there are no Phils/Mets games scheduled for the month of September. – Chuck Meehan

We know the Mets are standing firm right now with Heilman being a reliever, but at the very least, he can start for the next few weeks to see what they have. Ramiro Mendoza was very valuable as a reliever that made some starts for the Yankees great run and if they are reluctant to make a permanent move with Heilman, that is an option the Mets could pursue. I really do not think you are messing with his mind either since you can sit him down and tell him you need him more in the pen for the season, but right now, he is needed in the rotation to bridge the gap. The kid has accepted everything said to him and has been a team player. Who knows. Maybe you put him in the rotation for three or four starts and Heath Bell shows you something. At the very least, it is worth a temporary shot until the Mets pick up some mid-range starter via trade or another option presents itself.

With the Mets only three game up right now, who thinks they have games to throw away? We are not sure if Maine, Lima Time!, Gonzalez, Soler, etc. can get Major League hitters out, but I do know of one guy who has been getting them out with regularity since 2005 and that is the bottom line.The Metropolitans

On Wednesday’s WIP morning show, Al Morganti has accused Bobby Abreu of selfishly dodging a 93-mph Aaron Heilman fastball with the bases loaded. He also suggested that Bobby does not typically bust it when running out grounders, saying “even Derrick Coleman” would have run out [the swinging bunt] that ended up winning it for the Phils. Morganti, who stated (ridiculously) that he would’ve taken the pitch for his team, should be forced to stand in the batting cage tonight against the major league pitcher of his choice. I also defy him to produce a single clip in which Abreu does not hustle to first on a grounder. – Brian Peoples, Philling Station

The game belonged to Brett Myers, who was ace material tonight. Myers had a shutout going into the 8th until Xavier Nady’s two-run blast. However, I liked that Myers worked through it and got out of the inning. Outstanding game by Myers to match Pedro Martinez, who was just as good.

Fantastic job by the bench. What a weapon in having Shane Victorino come in and pinch run, and Dellucci’s triple makes the deal for him that much more worth it. – J. Weitzel, Beerleaguer

You really have to wonder (or I do anyway,) about Willie’s choices out of the bullpen. Where was the logic in sending out the set up guy in the 8th playing with a one-run deficit but sending in the pre-set up guy with the game tied in the 9th? If Heilman had pitched the 8th, he might have even been able to pitch the 9th, or if not, you’d have had both Sanchez and Wagner available for the 9th and if need be, the 10th. Instead, Willie burned a third of his options with stupidity leaving only two options, one of which he was apparently unprepared to use for unknown reasons – (I can’t buy the auld Wagner is only used to protect leads in the 9th rubbish – this is a big game and a big situation…) -Jaap, Archie Bunker’s Army

For those uninspired by the news that Jeremi Gonzalez and Jose Lima are likely to start for the Mets this Friday and Saturday against Milwaukee, fantasize about this for a minute or two : Mike Pelfrey struck out 10 over 7 innings in Binghamton’s 10-3 defeat of Connecticut (formerely Norwich) last night.

The Philadelphia Daily News’ Rich Hoffman claims fans at CBP were chanting “Rat-ner” at Billy Wagner last night. Funny, he doesn’t look anything like the Nets’ owner nor the director of such masterpieces as “Rush Hour” and “Rush Hour II”.