The shortest managerial tenure in big league history? Not counting interim skippers, of course.

The decision to oust Backman so quickly came after revelations that he had twice been arrested and suffered from financial problems. The team, under new management this year, had been unaware of Backman’s problems until media reports surfaced.

The management group acknowledged they failed to do a criminal or financial background check but initially indicated they would stand by Backman.

“It’s obviously a mistake on our part to have made a decision without having done the proper background work,” said managing partner Ken Kendrick. “I take full responsibility for that.”

Backman was offered a two-year contract but had not signed it, so there were no financial repercussions for the team.

“I’m stunned, so is my family, so is everybody,” Backman told the Arizona Republic. “I’m not prepared to say anything today but I will definitely have a statement [soon].”

The ticker on ESPN News says “Wally Backman fired”, though if he didn’t sign a contract, it would seem he was never really hired in the first place.

(UPDATE : Might as well answer my own question. Eddie Stanky beat Backman by 3 whole days. )