Despite being the class of the West throughout the ’08-’09 campaign, San Jose has slumped of late, a February 10 visit to Boston excepted.  Former Shark / current mouthpiece Jamie Baker (above) urges the faithful to remain calm, adding that he “actually felt good” when San Jose lost to Buffalo in overtime (“after the tragedy the day before that team and city deserved a come from behind last second goal”)

For those of you pressing the panic button, keep on pressing it but you are exposing yourself as someone who doesn™t study the game and your being a drama queen. If you have played an NHL schedule then you know that it™s impossible to perform at your best for 82 games. If you haven™t played an NHL schedule then you should recognize that fatigue, injuries, slumps (loss of confidence), travel, other teams being motivated, rested and so on are all factors that lead to slumps. AND, slumps in February or early March are much better than slumps in April or May. Last year starting on February 7 Detroit went into a 1-8-2 funk. I would say things worked out okay for the Red Wings. There is nothing wrong with the San Jose Sharks right now. Enjoy the journey because when the playoffs start you™ll see the same team you saw at the beginning of the year.