From ESPN’s sports biz columnist, Darren Rovell.

(3 Sanders jpg’s on CSTB in one day. Someone call the Elias Sports Bureau!)

So I missed Barry Sanders’ appearance on Cold Pizza Tuesday, but I got enough e-mails about it. Apparently Mr. Sanders was paid by MasterCard to promote its PayPass, but unfortunately Sanders didn’t come through for the company. Did he forget to mention MasterCard? No. He mentioned that the program was actually the product of competitor Visa over and over again.

Working Jeff Garlin’s Chorus Line can really fuck with a guy’s concentration.

This is the kind of stuff that passes for football news during Super Bowl Week. Well, that and every fired heach coach named Mike finding new work as an assistant (ie. Mike Sherman, Mike Tice, and Mike Martz).

That said, I was very impressed with Chad Johnson’s choice of a silver and black Albuquerque Isotopes cap on last night’s “NFL Live”.

Following last weekend’s tribute to John Madden by Ira Miller in the SF Chronicle, here’s an opposing viewpoint from Tim Brown, as quoted in today’s LA Times :

A lot of people will have glowing things to say about Madden, but Tim Brown isn’t one of them. Brown, who began playing for the Raiders in 1988, long after Madden became a broadcaster, took a pretty good shot at Madden on FSN’s “Pro Football Preview Show.”

“I spent a long time in Raiderland,” Brown said, “and when you talk to the old guys who played under Madden, they say, ‘Look, if not for this guy, maybe we win three or four Super Bowls.’ They actually think that he may have hindered them.”