For the first and last time in CSTB history, here’s an item lifted from For those tempted to sneer at country music’s most fresh-faced superduperstar, try to remember that at least he’s not pretending to date Madonna.

Before (Kenny) Chesney suited up and hit the field, coach Sean Payton told the players he would cancel Sunday’s (Aug. 17) practice if Chesney caught a punt. On his third try, the singer grabbed a 45-yard kick from punter Steve Weatherford. “I quit growing too young to ever think about getting to have a shot at playing even in college, so this is about the most fun I can have,” Chesney said. “It’s like having a lot of these players come out and sing with us during ‘Back Where I Come From.’ … Sometimes just having the moment to feel what it’s like to do it is the greatest feeling in the world.