Given the way the BCS works, it’s understandable that football coaches like to campaign in the media. Basketball is different. Perhaps University of Cincinnati hoops boss Mick Cronin doesn’t realize Joe Lunardi isn’t likely to have a concrete impact on the NCAA selection process. The Cincinnati Enquirer‘s Bill Koch stirs him up:

“Even though they’re very close, I don’t really like their chances going forward,” Lunardi said Thursday, “because at this point they still haven’t beaten a team that’s in the field.”

That’s not to say they won’t. UC (17-8 overall, 7-5 in the Big East Conference) will play four of its last six regular-season games against Pittsburgh, Louisville, West Virginia and Syracuse, all teams that are currently included in Lunardi’s NCAA bracket…

UC is currently listed by Lunardi as one of the last four teams out of the bracket, which means the Bearcats are within striking distance.

But they’re 0-6 against teams that are included in his latest bracket, having lost to Connecticut, Florida State, Memphis, Villanova, Marquette and Xavier by an average margin of 16.6 points….

Lunardi has seven Big East teams in the NCAA Tournament with Georgetown and Notre Dame both struggling.

“To me, that’s ridiculous,” said UC coach Mick Cronin. “I would tell Joe Lunardi he needs to buy the ESPN Full Court package. Are you telling me that Syracuse wouldn’t win the A-10? Does somebody want to give me that answer? I’d like to have that argument with somebody.

“You’re going to tell me that Syracuse, with their McDonalds’s All-Americans and their talent, would not win the A-10? They’re eighth in our conference. For us to not get at least eight is only a byproduct of us beating up on each other and being penalized for having too good of a conference.”

That would appear to be a dis of Dayton, which, unlike Cincinnati, has beaten both Marquette and Xavier. Or, Xavier, which beat Memphis (among others). Or, most likely, a dis at Lunardi for his day job at St. Joseph’s University.

The Bearcats are playing Pitt right now (and you don’t even need Full Court).