Since Dave Scheid never came through with his promised review of “Rocky Balboa”, I had to watch it myself last night. And believe it or not, there were a handful of surprises. For instance,

a) starring in a film executive produced by Todd Zeile was not the end of Milo Ventimiglia’s career.

b) A.J. Benza was not particularly awful in his small part as Antonio Tarver’s agent. If you buy me a drink, I’ll tell you about the time he threatened to kill me (Benza, that is…I want no part of Tarver, even if he couldn’t beat a 60 year old man)

c) Max Kellerman really got screwed with some of the worst lines in the movie.

But if all of the above cameos weren’t mind-blowing enough, through the glory of TiVo this morning, I’ve witnessed something I thought I would never see again in this lifetime.

Daniel Baldwin. Acting. Professionally.

OK, perhaps a part in Christopher Moltisanti’s “Cleaver” isn’t the big break the Baldwin clan’s most talented product deserves. But Rome wasn’t burned in a day.