…a certain “J. Dolan” of Midtown Manhattan has proposed retiring Isiah Thomas’ number at MSG.

On June 28, 2007, the same day the Chicago Bulls will use our lottery pick to draft a player better than Eddy Curry, Isiah’s number will become the tenth number retired in our long and illustrious history. And YOU’RE INVITED to the ceremony!

Please Help Us Choose Isiah’s Number

Isiah never played for the Knicks. So we’re not sure what number to put on the back of his Knicks jersey. We have three options:

(a) .393, as in a “.393 winning percentage since December 22, 2003”;

(b) 64, as in “64 games under .500 since December 22, 2003”; and

(c) 0, as in “0 playoff wins since December 22, 2003.”