OK, perhaps giving the Straight Shot’s J.D. any credit is inappropriate (if not stomach turning). But it is worth noting that right around the same time the Cablevision heir foolishly gave Isiah Thomas a contract extension (thus ending the Knicks’ playoff run), his hockey team absolutely caught fire. And on the same night James Dolan  suggested he might invite Jerry West to take over the Knicks, the New York Rangers thoroughly humiliated the no. 3 seed Atlanta Thrashers, riding a Michael Nylander hat trick en route to a 7-0 demolition. The Blueshirts hold a commanding 3-0 advantage and are just 60 minutes away from claiming their first playoff series in a decade. Free “Shoot That Dog (On Ice)” flexidiscs for everyone!

Dallas came into tonight’s Game 3 against Vancouver with a pitiful 2 for 19 mark on the power play ; the record now stands at 2 for 25. The Stars were simply anemic, and saw one of their best scoring chances of the night extinguished when Willie Mitchell cleared a Michael Riberio shot off the goal line with about two and a half minutes remaining.

Alexi Yashin’s contributions to the Islanders’ series against Buffalo have been so modest, writes the Globe and Mail’s David Shoalts, “Chris Simon has been a bigger help to the team.”

That’s the same Chris Simon who is currently suspended for his attempted murder of Ryan Hollweg.