(Carlos Zambrano won his 9th straight decision on Sunday)

Taking 4 from the Redbirds has done little to improve Ben Schwartz’ mood.

Just another day at Wrigley: a four game sweep of the Cardinals, a former Cub inducted into Cooperstown, talk of trading a future Hall of Famer because we’ve just got so much talent to burn, and everyone’s counting the days to October.

Actually, the sweep was the first four game sweep of the Cards since 1972, if I can go by the WGN booth, and the October talk is mostly about whether Dusty Baker will be fired or not (right, Hendry still hasn’t made up his mind yet). The real news this weekend at Wrigley appears to be the introduction of The James Gang’s “Funk #49” into the between innings play list. Given the choice, I’ll take Walsh over Buffett (if that’s the choice). Also weird was hearing WGN plug Lollapallooza’s Grant Park shows, and hearing the name Sonic Youth during a Cubscast.

What can you say as a Cub fan … it’s one of those years when you know by July you’re out of it, so sweeping the Cards two times in a year at Wrigley is about as good as its going to get. As far as the Maddux trade goes, it’s a lot of trying-to-be-polite double talk. Dusty and Hendry have made it clear, in every venue they can, that they aren’t looking for a deal. Maddux deserves real respect — so you actually have to call them. It’s kind of like E-Bay, but you can’t bid in increments of .50. The way to make clear you’re not looking to lose Maddux is to say “No.” And Maddux is equally passionate about staying, telling the Trib, “Jim [Hendry] has to do what’s best for the organization, and if that’s trading me, I’m happy to go, and if that’s keeping me, I’m more than happy to stay.” The way Dusty talks, the best thing the Cubs have to look forward to in ’06 is Carlos Lee leaving the NL.

After the game St. Louis confirmed their acquisition of 2B Rafael Belliard from the Indians in exchange for 2B Hector Luna. This is really gonna hurt Junior Spivey’s feelings.