Writes Ben,

Write off 2005, Dusty has narrowed down the fixes to Cub problems with the following: better offense, better defense, better pitching. Glad it’s a short list.

Yesterday, the Cubs put the Phillies within one game of the wild card and themselves within two of a .500 season. 2005 blew, and I’m going to say its because Dusty didn’t get the team he wanted. The Tribco fired his coaches, solid players like Moises Alou (who gave Tribco Attitude), stuck Dusty with a weak bullpen and Latroy Walkins, and the unending Tribco encouraged spectre of Billy Corgan cursing my team — this time by jinxing Corey Patterson with his expert knowledge on improving players.

Nothing worse than some music industry goof sticking his nose into professional sports. Corgan and the Cubs, Jimmy Buffett and the Marlins … trying to think of more … Anyway, hopefully Dusty will get more control over the Cubs next year, if only to effect the following change:

“More night games” would help the Cubs win more games, Baker said Tuesday.

The Cubs at home exclusively played day games until late in the 1988 season, and much of the park’s mystique and tradition is wrapped in day baseball.

“You want mystique or you want wins? Know what I mean?” Baker said. “Mystique’s still here because the structure’s the same. I’m more concerned about wins.”

That Dusty hates the Wrigley “mystique” as much as I do is why I like him. Hopefully he can get that statue of Harry Caray torn down by opening day.