….and if he stayed ’til the final out of the Giants’ 5-4 victory, he might still be in the parking lot.  Ben writes,

In a touching moment, Dodger history repeated itself last night at Chavez Ravine.  It was 59 years ago that Pee Wee Reese put his arm around Jackie Robinson to silence haters in the stands.  The scene was reenacted when Nomar Garciaparra, in reaction to the boos and shouts of “cheater!” and “Gonna bail your trainer out, Barry?”, put his arm around Barry Bonds as a show of support after Bonds’ first walk.  Not only did it not silence the crowd, but the Giants responded by beaning Nomar twice.

Nomar, btw, is easily the most popular Dodger.  He’s from Whittier (?) and they play “Low Rider” to walk him on.  As to the Most Hated Man in Baseball, your eyes and ears don’t exactly match up when Barry reaches the plate. There are the boos that might lead you to believe Dodger Stadium is packed with baseball purists who hate the needle.  But at the same time you notice hundreds of flashbulbs going off in hopes he’ll hit #720 off their team.