After watcing the Knicks provide opposition in name only to Pistons last night at the Garden, the New York Post’s Marc Berman asks, “can someone tell me again the silver lining to this season that will end with 50-plus losses? Oh yes, cap space in 2010, when they’ll be in position to MAYBE sign an All-Star good enough to get the club the eighth seed?”

“Can someone tell me again what Mike D’Antoni did well in his first season running the Knicks?” scoffs Berman. Well, were it not for several months of feuding with Stephon Marbury, Marc would’ve been denied some of the most prominent scoops of his career.

D’Antoni gets a break in some newspapers, those beat writers who carry a man crush for him. D’Antoni is a sweetheart of a person – a social butterfly who sits courtside an hour before road games to schmooze. And he’s not a phony in the least. He’s genuinely a good person and awfully funny. And that is part of the job in New York, dealing well with media.

But Mike, you have to admit overall you haven’t done a good job this season – starting with your decision to sign Chris Duhon as the end-all-be-all point guard and eradicate Stephon Marbury despite a solid preseason. And you did not enhance Nate Robinson’s point-guard abilities. That’s the position you really needed him to play. He looks lost now.

The Knicks appear on national TV for the first time this season Friday in Orlando so all of the U.S. can watch the train wreck.

The last time the Knicks were a national story came in February during “Dream Week” at the Garden when Kobe went for 61, LeBron had a 51-point triple-double before it was stripped and the Celtics added to the trifecta with a rout.

There’s no reason to go to Florida Friday to cover “Team Irrelevant” on this meaningless road trip, to cover a team that has quit. I’d rather get lost in New Hampshire this weekend with my wife to celebrate her birthday.

A guest blogger will stand in my place – someone who’s done this before here. But don’t jump to any conclusions.

I won’t, especially as Berman’s outlived his usefulness to Marbury.  Maybe Isiah would like to take a crack at it?