Add Newsday’s Neil Best to the list of local sports TV critics unwilling to acknowledge Wilpon TV’s excellent coverage of the Canadian Football League.

SNY is ecstatic about the Mets’ record and ratings. Trouble is, the NL East is such a runaway that other than the clincher, the next meaningful game on the network will be played in April.

Even the announcers’ attention is starting to wander. Late in Game 1 Wednesday, Gary Cohen and Keith Hernandez rapped about planes and pizza and initially forgot to introduce a new Braves pitcher.

In the ninth inning, Hernandez had to ask Cohen what Endy Chavez had done in the eighth so he could fill out his scorecard.

Enter the Jets, SNY’s best hope for late autumn. Good luck.

“Jets Open Mic,” a look at the coach’s news conferences, debuted Wednesday at midnight and acted as a powerful sleeping aid.

Herman Edwards apparently was out sick, because an amiable, ill-at-ease young guy, perhaps an assistant strength coach (above), appeared at the podium and wouldn’t so much as reveal the backup quarterback.

Yesterday, it was the debut of “1st and Goal,” featuring GM Mike Tannenbaum. He did not say much either, which still was too much.

Until he regularly starts speaking to newspaper reporters, he shouldn’t speak on TV at all.