Bucks 117, 76ers 108 (OT)

Though it was the aformentioned Bucks SG who sent this one to overtime with a spectacular game-tying 3 pointer with 0:016 remaining, Milwaukee’s mythical game ball has to go to T.J. Ford. The former Texas point guard (above, left), in his first game since suffering a spinal cord injury in ’03, had a near triple double (16 points, 14 assists, 9 boards) and looked the part of an All-Star running the Bucks’ offense.

Andrew Bogut, late 4th quarter blown alley-oop aside, didn’t have a poor debut, either (13 points, 3 blocks, 9 rebounds).

Sadly for Philly, opening night showcased a typical Allen Iverson performance; 35 points on 28 shots from the floor, and far too many occasions where his teammates stood around watching him launch something from long range. That many of said shots go in is besides the point — far too often, the Sixers are reduced to a one or two man show (and in fairness, A.I. set up Chris Webber nicely on multiple occasions). Whether or not voyerism when they’ve got the ball leads to indifference defensively, I can’t say for sure, but the Sixers shouldn’t be blowing a last minute lead at home.