The Arizona Republic’s Dan Bickley joins in the Dirk-bashing, calling Nowitzki’s pending coronation as league MVP, “an embarrassing day for the NBA.”

Steve Nash made a big mistake this past season. He dared to tread where legends reside.

He threatened to join Bill Russell, Wilt Chamberlain and Larry Bird as the only players to win three consecutive MVP awards.

Apparently, that was too much for some voters.

First of all, I think that’s B.S.,” said Russell, who won his three consecutive MVPs from 1961-63. “The people who didn’t vote for him because of that . . . that’s manipulating history, OK?”

Oh, it’s worse than that. It’s a gross abuse of power. And if Nash was jobbed in the MVP voting by media members who deemed the Suns guard unworthy of rare company, it has offended the two living members of that fraternity.

“I think if he’s the best, he’s the best,” said Bird, who won successively from 1984-86. “Everyone always talks about winning championships and stuff like that, but if you’re the best player in the league, you should win the award. Steve makes everyone around him better, and that’s the sign of a great player. And he’s been on a hell of a run here the last few years.”

Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski claims Billy Donovan rebuffed a $5 million per year offer to coach the Grizzlies.  Hey, if Rick Pitino was walking thru the door, he’d tell you that nobody knows for sure how the lottery will turn out.