Fox Sports’ Jason Whitlock is adamant that if you think Michael Phelps is getting kid gloves treatment ’cause he’s white, you’re “misguided, stuck in the 1960s and worship at the Church of Al Sharp-tongue.”

“I’m not going to be a hypocrite and blast this kid for blowing trees. And I’m not going to rip his sponsors for remaining loyal,” continues Whitlock (above). “Michael Phelps knows how to play the game. He’s quick with the contrite, toke(n) apology and he maintains a boy-next-door image.”  As it turns out, the author knows a think or two about keeping a squeaky-clean persona.

Image is everything whether you’re black or white.

I got away with so much (spit) in high school simply because I spoke proper English, dressed appropriately, smiled at teachers, captained the football team and attended class. Everyone loved me, gave me the benefit of the doubt when I made a mistake and looked the other way when I spent the last semester of high school celebrating my full-ride scholarship to Ball State.

Rather than bellyaching about a racial double-standard, the Phelps case provides a wonderful platform to call for the legalization of marijuana (and all drugs). Check your 401k. We’re broke. Obama’s cabinet nominees are cheating on their taxes.

We’re wasting billions of dollars locking up and providing “free” health care to drug offenders. The government needs to take control of the mega-billion-dollar drug industry and use a portion of the money for rehabilitation facilities and the rest to help get us out of debt.

If Michael Phelps just can’t say no, why would we expect kids with far more depressing circumstances to avoid getting high?