Can someone please find out where Bill Walton’s ride is?

The Greatest UCLA Bruin Ever To Be Linked To Patty Hearst (above, right) was all over ESPN Radio today, guesting with Mike Golic and Mike Greenberg this morning, visiting Dan Patrick in the afternoon and motormouthing his way through drivetime with Eric Kuselias.

Since I missed the Patrick show, I cannot tell you if Walton added a 5th or 6th utterence of the phrase “winners of the genetic lottery” to describe today’s NBA stars, nor can I tell you if he waxed poetic about the similarities between Jerry Garcia, John Wooden and Larry Bird 3 times today, as opposed to the mere two that I heard.

Which isn’t to say that the local sports radio options were any better. The local ESPN outlet 1260/1530 AM has turned over the afternoon drive programming to the monumentally unfunny duo of Gregg Henson (above) and Dave Tepper, a benighted pair who make Jim Rome seem like Oscar Wilde by comparison. Today’s sitting duck was a caller who insisted that contact sports for children were “barbaric”, claiming that his own offspring had to wear safety helmets while riding in the family car. Said caller sounded as legit as Henson’s claim that playing football in high school “helped me get laid”. Done properly, calls from ringers can be great entertainment, but such stunts require some smidgeon of improvisational ability, something these pinheads are sorely lacking.