It’s a whole new year which means it is time for another emotionally troubled former Oakland Raider to be gunned down by the cops. C Barret Robbins, released by Oakland last year after testing positive for human growth hormone, was blasted by Miami police during an apparent burgalry attempt in Miami Beach.

Last autumn, former Raiders kicker Cole Ford showed that a Commitment To Excellence doesn’t end when you take off the silver and black, opening fire on the Las Vegas home of Siegfried & Roy. He also accomplished the unique feat of making Sebastian Janikowski seem like the most stable Oakland kicker of recent memory.

Robbins (above) made headlines in 2003 when he disappeared on the eve of Oakland’s Super Bowl battle with Tampa Bay. Having received treatment for despression, bipolar disorder and alcoholism, Robbins’ teammates buried him after that, showing the kind of insensitity towards the mentally-impaired commonly heard during the earlier half of the last century (or in the case of CSTB headlines, pretty much every day).