Blackburn Rovers and Blackpool F.C. played to a 2-2 draw on Saturday, a match witnessed by Simon Blackburn (above), a Labor member of Blackpool council…who just happens to be a lifelong Rovers supporter. Via the Guardian and The Press Association, here’s a case of what might possibly go wrong when a politician openly roots against the city he represents in the most public of forums.

The councillor made the following remark via his phone and posted it on his Facebook page, as his side went 2-0 down. The comment read: “Oh my actual God…the donkey-botherers are 2-0 up thanks to two of the worst refereeing decisions ever!”

He is understood to have believed it would only be seen by friends, when in fact his privacy settings meant it could be seen by anyone – and it was soon picked up on by Blackpool fans. The remark has been seized upon by rival Tories who have called for him to resign, one source claiming it is a clear reference to: “Having sex with ruddy donkeys!”

Peter Callow, leader of the Tory-run council, said: “What an unbelievably stupid, ridiculous, crass thing to say. He’s just committed political suicide. He has stabbed the people of Blackpool in the back and he needs to resign immediately.”

Incredibly, this isn’t the first time Blackburn’s been accused of being inconsiderate towards his own constituents.