Since Sirius/XM’s Dino Costa hasn’t updated his blog in over 3 months, those starving for insight might well turn to the blog of Former Tigers P / reprobate Denny McLain. It seems Washington has a young hurler they’d soon encase in bubblewrap than use down the stetch, and while you’re undoubtedly familiar with the case of former no. 1 overall pick Stephen Stasburg, McLain reveals the overly cautious Nats have another pitching sensation with a very similar name!

If Strousburg of the Washington Nationals is healthy why isn’t he pitching after the 12th of September? This is just “NUTS!”

Washington Senator Manager Davey Johnson stated Sunday the Phenom Strousburg will be done after his next turn. Can you imagine? Here they are in the middle of a run for the World Series an opportunity that every major leaguer plays for, a World Series Title. Do you mean that the geniuses in Washington now know that he can’t pitch more than 160 innings or so. What happened to last year? You mean that they are so smart now that they can predict when a guy is going to get hurt? Why didn’t they see it coming last year?

Folks, you never see it coming, it takes one pitch, one bad wind-up, one bad anything, but who the hell can predict that someone is going to get hurt? If I am a fan in Washington, I want my money back if they sit this phenom down for the rest of the year, by the way, if they are afraid of him getting hurt, why pitch him at all? Maybe next year, 5 innings huh? Just from seeing him from afar, how good can he be if he stays healthy? But they must let him pitch and let’s see if he can pitch in the 7th, 8th and 9 innings. Pitching in the late innings is a different game than pitching in the first six, I guarantee you that fact.