Sent off close to the end of Real Madrid’s home defeat at the hands of Valencia yesterday, David Beckham is a victim of discrimination claims a teammate. From the Guardian’s Simon Talbot.

Beckham was booked for his reaction to the referee’s decision to give a foul for Raúl’s tackle on Pablo Aimar in the 87th minute and when he applauded the decision, the referee sent him off. He will now miss tomorrow’s visit to Deportivo La Coruña,

“I can’t understand what the problem was,” García insisted. “I doubt he said anything because Beckham doesn’t speak Spanish that well – I can barely understand him on the pitch. I don’t know why Beckham got sent off. Maybe it’s because he’s blonde and pretty – the referee is capable of sending him off for that.”

He added: “the red card was too harsh for what Beckham did. There are tackles going in everywhere and he gets a red card for applauding – it’s unbelievable.”

Not only is Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho loathe to credit Everton for halting his club’s 9 game winning streak, but he managed to take a gratuitous swipe at Arsenal on Monday as well. From

Not content with refusing to accept that his side were held to a draw by Everton, the Chelski boss has also decided to speak out on what his club’s website bizarrely refers to as ‘Robert Pires’ capsized showboat’.

“You know why they [Arsenal] took the second penalty like that? They have so many penalties in a season they had to do something different,” Jose told the site.

Arsenal have won six penalties this term, failing to convert half of them.

Mourinho, though, was even more incensed by Didier Drogba’s disallowed ‘goal’ on Sunday and continued to maintain that his side had won 2-1 at Goodison.

“We scored two goals,” he insisted. “Normally when you score two goals and concede one you win the game.”

Brighton maintained their recent away form with a 1-1 draw at Championship leaders Sheffield Wednesday earlier this evening, substitute Colin Kazim-Richards scoring 3 minutes from injury time. Earlier in the day, Wycome striker Nathan Tyson (above) rejected a transfer to Wednesday, despite the clubs have agreed upon a £700,000 fee.