If you didn’t see this coming, perhaps you missed the story about Michael Jordan’s letter to season ticket holders that never mentioned his coach.

I hate to say that Sacramento’s fucked, but losing to the LeBronless Cavs by 25 (!) doesn’t bode well, nor does their being lit up by Aleksandar Pavlovic to the tune of 25 points.

Andrew Bogut — merely letting the fans of Milwaukee know, “We’re No. 1”

Either UMass vs. ‘Bama was a terrific NIT first-round clash, or I was just sick to death of driving around in the rain all day. I did vow never to watch another Minutemen game until the administration retired Frank Black’s number, but FSN Bay Area kept playing Tim Flannery’s sub-Gordon Lightfoot musical meanderings during the Giants/A’s game, and I had to change the channel. Still a great game, though.