(Adam Archuleta, visibly pleased at the way he’s going to pop up on Google in a few minutes)

Taking a skeptical view of the Redskins’ practice of peddling used jerseys to the adoring public, DC Sports Bog’s Dan Steinberg proclaims, “If the Snyderites ever–I mean, ever–sell a Pita Elisara jersey for $263 to anyone other than Pita Elisara’s mother, well, I’d like to meet the buyer. I’ve got a lovely Dodge Minivan to sell to him.”

It is the height of hipster irony to wear an athletic uniform featuring a player who was a total disaster. Redskins-loving hipsters, for example, could do no greater deed than to proudly wear an Adam Archuleta uniform to some indie rock show. T.J. Duckett and John Hall would also qualify. Bonus points for Ife Ohalete in a number 26, before Portis stole it.

Luckily, the mobile team store out beyond the gates at Redskins Park makes this task exceedingly easy, by selling all manner of irony-approved authentic gameworns. Many are retailing for the non-ironic price of $263, which just seems wrong. Irony should never cost more than a third of a month’s rent. You can look that up.

While I do not disagree with the author, I shudder to think how he’d characterize my cherished Toby Borland gameworn jersey…or the amount of money I was paid to wear it by an aspiring adult filmmaker.