While I’ve waited a long time to be able to write the above headline, I think I will be waiting much, much longer to read an Barry M. Bloom entry at MLB.com that paints Barry Bonds in anything other than a favorable light.

Padres left-hander David Wells is a baseball collector of sorts and one of his prize possessions just grew a lot more valuable.

Wells has an old, grainy, yellowing baseball that he purchased for $7,000 with a Babe Ruth signature scrawled across the sweet spot. Since the purchase, he had Hank Aaron sign the ball during a Padres trip to Atlanta, and on Sunday, he added the name of Barry Bonds in the left fielder’s unmistakable script.

That may give Wells the only ball that has the signatures of the top three all-time Major League home run hitters on it.

“Barry was very nice about it,” Wells said after the game, showing three reporters the ball sealed in a soft plastic case at his PETCO Park locker after his Padres defeated the Giants, 5-4, to cap a three-game weekend sweep. “We had a long conversation.”

Bonds, who hit his 755th homer Saturday night to tie Aaron and didn’t play Sunday, confirmed that he had given Wells his signature on the ball.

“Yes, I signed it,” Bonds said.

If anyone would like to question the credentials of The Anti-Pedro Gomez, just check out the evidence above. The two Barry’s have some kinda rapport.