From the Memphis Commerical Appeal’s Ronald Tillery :

Griz guard Bonzi Wells acknowledged the controversial comment he recently made to a basketball web site. But Wells said the quote was no more than a flip response to what he perceived as antagonistic questioning.

When asked about his name being mentioned in several trade rumors, Wells recently told journalist Jamie Griffin: “(Expletive) it. They can trade me, all I care about is the 15th (payday) and 30th of the month.”

The comment was presented as though Wells didn’t care whether he remained a Grizzly.

Sunday, Wells clarified the context of the interview.

“Why should I worry about a trade rumor? I have other stuff to worry about. That’s all I was saying. He wanted me to say something negative about me and (Hubie Brown’s) relationship. And I wasn’t getting caught up with that. And then he wanted to know my feelings about the team trying to trade me and my attitude was like I don’t have anything to do with that. He wanted to get controversy started. I’m not going to say nothing stupid. I’ve been through that (in Portland).”