(l-r : Ovechkin, some dude who failed the wing man auditions)

That Capitals C Alexander Ovechkin is not exactly the shy and retiring type will hardly come as shocking to news to readers of this site and other outlets.  However, it’s fair to say we’ve been spared real insight into Ovie’s character prior to a GQ reporter shadowing the NHL superstar around Moscow this offseason. Exceprts from Michael Ivov’s “Ovechkin With Love”, provided by Russian Machine Never Breaks :

In Washington, where he spends most of his time, Ovechkin™s life is infinitely more placid. He is on his best behavior there, mindful of his stature. In Moscow, he can™t help but revert to his teenage self.  œMoscow is a big city, he says. œIt™s all nerves “ something™s always happening somewhere. DC is a quiet, calm family town. He lives in a house in Arlington, Virginia, he bought his rookie year; his parents who keep a home base in Moscow , and his brother, Mikhail, who works with the WNBA, are frequent guests. And if Ovechkin™s exploits don™t reach American tabloids, perhaps that™s because he™s simply not into American girls. œIf you compare Russia and America, he explains sagely,they are two different worlds. People, cars, clothes. Girls™ figures. Especially girls™ figures. Why do you think that is, that when an American goes to Russia for a week, he stays for two extra weeks? Girls! And when a Russian goes to America for a week, he leaves in five days. I™m serious! There™s a statistic! [Ed Note: I’m dubious.] Ask any American about Russia. You know what they™ll say.

The conversation ends abruptly. Ovechkin™s dangerous-looking friend Magomet, whom Alex has been texting throughout our talk (he texts nonstop, with prodigious smileys), has rolled up in an Audi SUV painted a scabrous matte black. For a while, we cruise down Tverskaya. Each time he sees a pretty girl walking by, Ovechkin shouts œBOOM! at the top of his lungs.